Welcome to SeoProfy! We’re an experienceddigital marketing agency that proudly specialises in effective, data-driven SEO search engine optimisation.


– Hey, I’m Victor! The Founder and CEO here at SeoProfy

Rewind to 2009, I created a blog. Just two years later, that blog was considered to be among the leading SEO blogs in Eastern Europe.

It attracted enough visitors that I could support myself solely off the income the blog made me.

That initial success led me to the decision to start my first company. In 2011 I sold it and the following year SeoProfy was founded.

In the years that followed the team worked hard, writing around 200 blog posts annually that were based around the topic of SEO. Come 2014, the time and effort we put in came to fruition. The SeoProfy blog was considered the top SEO blog in Eastern Europe.

As I’m sure you can guess, we learned a few things about SEO along the way.

Today our company has grown to include more than 200 SEO specialists. We work with clients in 45 countries across all timezones, and in 12 different languages.

Here’s how we’re different from other SEO agencies

  • We don’t bother with empty promises

    When starting our partnership we’ll complete a detailed SEO audit for your business. By analysing the results of the audit, we’ll know whether we can help you reach your goals.

  • We developed bespoke SEO tools

    SEO sites like Ahrefs, Screaming Frog, and SurferSEO are useful, but they’re not the gold standard. There were things we wanted to do but couldn’t with existing SEO tools, so we went ahead and created our own.

  • We see the small details that can make a huge difference

    Sometimes it’s those small things that can make the biggest difference to your traffic. Aside from backlinks, site speed, and keywords, we also consider other things that other agencies are prone to skip over.

  • We select your SEO team from scratch

    We will assemble an expert team of SEO specialists whose knowledge and skills are tailored to your goals. These people will become your  SEO consultants whose sole focus is ensuring a positive outcome for your project.

  • If issues pop up, we’ve got your back

    On the off chance we make a mistake or if Google’s algorithm goes a different direction, we’ll take responsibility for the situation and find you a viable solution.

  • Our top KPI is based on your ROI

    Your ROI is our priority, which is why we spend the time finding the right team and coming up with a tailored SEO strategy. High-quality, organic traffic that drives long-term success is what’s important.

Our hands-on management team is on top of things, ensuring nothing falls by the wayside

We have an experienced management team who are tasked with overseeing all projects, ensuring things stay on track.

Oleksandra Head of Sales
Head of Sales
Vita HR Director
HR Director
Business Developer
Head of SEO
Yuliia Head of Link Building
Head of Link Building
Strategy & Operation Analyst
Head of Software Development

We’re an award-winning SEO agency (and we’re pretty proud of that!)

How we grew to 200+ clients (and counting)

When Victor, our CEO, founded SeoProfy he’d gained six years of experience in SEO and had created a high-ranking blog from scratch. Still, it was hard work and dedication that got us to today.

Founding of SeoProfy

When SeoProfy started we were based out of Ukraine in the cheapest office available, which also happened to be the most hideous! At the time, there were only five employees.

We hit 30 full-time staff

2014 was a record-breaking year for us! We conducted 100+ SEO audits and were successfully able to redeem our clients’ websites after they were hit by the dreaded Penguin penalty applied by Google’s algorithm. We also upgraded our office; this one had windows!

Ranked in the top 3 SEO agencies in Ukraine

In 2016 we were recognised as one of the top-ranking SEO agencies in Ukraine, a testament to our hard work! We’d grown to 60 staff members who were dedicated to working on their client projects.

We began sharing our SEO expertise globally

Over the years we had started attracting an increasing number of international clients so come 2018 most of our clientele were based abroad, from places like Australia, the US, Japan, the UK, and Norway.

We also started sharing our SEO expertise in English, presenting at the LRT Conference and Chiang Mai SEO Conference.

Despite global events, we continue to move forward

Today our company has continued growing in the face of immense hardship. Over 200 of our staff members live in Ukraine and despite the war, they continue to work with their clients full time. We support them from afar and donate funds to the Ukrainian army.

Are we the right fit?

Probably not Yes!

You don’t want to invest much money in SEO at the moment

Your business has over $1M in revenue (OR you’re a well-funded startup with impressive growth)

You believe a targeted SEO strategy that generates quality traffic is worth less than $2K

You understand that an effective SEO strategy is an investment

You’d rather pay for ads than find out how to get organic traffic and grow revenue using Google

You rely on gaining organic search engine traffic and understand how crucial that is to your business

You’re happy to partner with a substandard agency that only promises results

You want a true partnership where you’re confident your SEO team cares about your goals and has the expertise to reach them

What makes our SEO firm different?

We only partner with companies if we’re 100% sure we can get them results